Stacy Traversa -

                       Lead Teacher - Nursery MWF

                       Teaching Assistant-  Pre K Tues/Thurs


Stacy Traversa has been with Bethpage Nursery School since 2013. Her most recent role here at BNS is the Lead Teacher in our Nursery Program as well as a teaching assistant in our Pre K Class on Tuesday and Thursdays.   Stacy has a BA in Elementary Education as well as a BS in Psychology from Wagner College. Prior to working at BNS, Stacy previously worked as a Pre K teacher for 15 years. She took time off from teaching to raise her 3 children.


Stacy is a coach in the Bethpage community and has been for many years. She has experience coaching blast ball, soccer and lacrosse. She believes that her teaching and coaching experiences have made her very aware of the uniqueness of all children. Stacy believes in an educational environment that is secure, caring, and stimulates emotional, intellectual, physical and social growth and maturity.