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                  Sara Garavelli -

                  Lead Teacher

                  MWF Nursery


Sara Garavelli  graduated from Brooklyn College Cum Laude with a Bachelor Of Arts Degree.  Sara majored in elementary and early childhood education. Sara is the Nursery MWF teacher at BNS as well as the Summer Camp Director. In the past she taught mommy and me and Pre K as well as our Toddler Separation Class.   Currently, Sara is the Monday/ Wednesday/Friday Nursery Class program teacher.  Sara was hired at BNS in 1985 and loved the school immediately.  She has 2 grown children Dustin and Juliet.  Her son Dustin is married, with 2 children named Jack and Emerson.  Her daughter Juliet is married with 2 children named Zachary and Joshua.   Sara is married to her H.S. sweetheart, Gene for 46 years.   Sara feels she is truly blessed and she counts her job at BNS as one of her many blessings. A great deal of learning takes place in the first 6 years of life. During these early childhood years children learn more and learn faster than any other time of life. In Sara's opinion learning through developmentally appropriate practice is optimal. For this reason she creates and provides her students with activities and experiences that meet their intellectual, emotional and developmental needs. Ms Sara's students learn through whole groups/small group interaction, games, graphs, dictation, dramatic play, centers, music, social interaction and so much more.





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