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Toddler Separation Class


Our teachers work with you to help your toddler adjust to the classroom environment.  Activities include free play, circle time fun, arts and crafts, story time, music and movement, gross motor play and sensory fun.  This class introduces children to structure, reinforces socialization and encourages creativity and self awareness. 


Two Year Old Curriculum

  • Art

  • Sand

  • Water Tables

  • Manipulative games and puzzles

  • Music and movement

  • Literature

  • Indoor and Outdoor


Goals and Objectives:

  • To introduce Two year olds to a classroom experience where they are active participants in the learning process

  • To encourage two year olds to develop an awareness of other children

  • To encourage parents to observe the range of developmental levels and temperamental styles that determine a child's uniqueness

  • To encourage parents to learn about age appropriate communication skills that would be helpful in disciplining their child

  • To help parents and children to prepare for the 'process' of separation

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