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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q.        What are your hours and days?

A.        Our office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM til 12:30PM.

Q.        Do you offer a summer program?

A.        We offer a 6 week summer program that consists of outdoor play, indoor learning in our Air Conditioned facility and tons of fun.


Q.        Do you offer Universal Pre K?

A.        Unfortunately at this time we do not offer Universal Pre-K.


Q.        Do you provide transportation to the public schools?
A.        No we do not.

Q.        Is your staff trained in CPR and first aid?
A.        The staff are all CPR certified as well as AED trained and First Aid trained.


Q.        Do you have fire drills?
A.        Yes, we have a monthly fire drill and a log of these is kept.


Q.        Are you teachers certified?
A.        BNS staff are NYS permanently certified teachers or are NYS Qualified teachers with a CDA.  All teachers have degrees in education.


Q.        What happens when the public schools have a delayed opening, early dismissal and/or close due to weather or other emergency, or have a half day?
A.        Our calendar follows the BUFSD schedule for school closing and vacations. With respect to hazardous weather conditions, the school will definitely be closed if the BUFSD closes. However, since we do not have transportation the director may close the school. Either way an automated call will be sent to all members regarding closings. We will not hold delayed openings for our AM classes. If there is a delayed opening we will hold PM classes.


Q:       How do I register my child for school?

A.        BNS accepts registrations for the upcoming school year beginning in late January. Returning students or siblings of previous students may register two weeks prior to registrations opening to the general public.


Q.        What is a co-op nursery school?

A.        A co-operative nursery school is one where all parents are encouraged to participate in their child’s classroom, be involved in the workings of the school and show enthusiasm and interest for the school.


Q.       What is the dismissal policy?

A.       Children will only be released to their parents from the classroom. You will be provided with a form to fill out with names of people that the faculty can release your child to. In case of an emergency, please call the school and let one of the staff members know who will be picking up your child. If you know before you come to school, please send a note in with your child.


Q.       What is the child abuse policy?

A.       If there is any suspicion of child abuse, we are required by law to report it to the proper authorities. If you as a parent suspect something, please inform the Director.


Q.        I have older children in the local elementary school.  Will my children be off at the same time as the Co-Op for holidays?

A.        Yes.  We generally follow the BUFSD calendar.


Q.       My child doesn't have much experience with other children yet.  Will that be a problem?

A.       No. This is why we are here.  Preschool is a chance for children to learn to socialize, listen well and follow directions, build on gross and fine motor skills, and prepare for kindergarten.  While there are developmental milestones, children show strengths at different times.  If you are concerned in any way about this, we encourage you to contact our school and schedule a visit.


Q.       What if my child has allergies?

A.       We can accommodate any allergy restrictions your child may have.  Or, if you prefer, you can provide your child's snack each day.  


Q.       Is there a balance between indoor and outdoor activities?

A.       Every class has an outdoor component (weather dependent).  A fenced area in the yard with a state of the art playground and ride on toys is where the children participate in supervised free play.


Q.        How many classes do you offer?

A.        We offer a Toddler Separation class, 14:4, M/W Nursery 14:2, T/TH Nursery 16:2, M/W/F Pre K AM 20:3, 5 day Pre K PM 20:3, and 2 K Readiness Classes 14:2  (All ratios reflect maximums for classes).  BNS often has a parent in the room. Families may choose a participation option that works for their family.


Q.       Do you offer Financial Assistance?

A.       At this time, we do not.


Q.        Do you offer a lunch program?

A.        At this time, we do not.


Q.       Does my child need to be potty trained by the first day of school?

A.        In the Toddler Separation Class we will diaper the child for you with your permission.  In the Nursery Classes we will diaper your child until they have reached the age of 3.  After that time, if a changing is necessary we will contact you to come in and change.  For the Pre K classes while your child does not need to be completely potty trained before the beginning of school, we prefer that you are actively working with your child on this skill. If he/she is not using the potty independently, we ask that you send him/her to school in a pull-up until it is no longer needed.  If your Pre K child has an accident you will be called to change him/her.


Q.       Do you ever disinfect the toys and other items that the children come in contact with?

A.       Yes! In addition to our daily cleaning routines, we do an extremely thorough cleaning/disinfecting twice a month on toys and dress up clothing. We pride ourselves on cleanliness, organization, and hygiene.


Q.       Does my child need to be immunized?

A.       Yes, the state mandates that all children be immunized for certain illnesses. Every child is also required to receive the flu vaccine during flu season. Immunization records should be submitted with your child’s medical forms. These can also be found on our website.


Q.       Do you offer any sibling discounts?

A.       We sure do!   If you have siblings, you will receive 15% off.  


Q.       Do you have field trips or other extracurricular events?

A.       Yes, we have 1-2 field trips each year and notification will be sent home once we have confirmed the details.   Please note that parents must attend all field trips and provide transportation for their child.    We contract with Soccer Shots for an afternoon soccer program.  Soccer Shots runs instructional clinics at an addtional costs to interested families.


Q.       Do you offer snacks or lunch?

A.       We provide snacks for all children in the school following our healthy snack guideline which is peanut free.

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