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Benefits of a Co-Op to Parents


The Co-op Nursery School affords parents an opportunity to learn about the early childhood years and to develop appropriate parenting skills.

  • Children are eager for their "special day" when their parent(s) come to school to participate.

  • Parents are invited to join our Board of Directors to take a more active role in the organizational and business aspects of our school.  By joining the board parents share their talents for the benefit of the children and nursery school community.

  • Parents are encouraged to take advantage of an extensive library of books and articles.

  • Parents are invited to attend General Membership meetings once per year.  Often meetings have guest speakers specializing in issues pertaining to parenthood.  

  • Children and parents become part of a community of people who are in a similar stage in life. Friendships formed during the preschool years can last a lifetime for both parent and child.

  • Parents have a unique opportunity to observe and interact with their child and his or her peers while assisting in the classroom.

  • Parents learn useful parenting tools while assisting in the classroom.

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