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Nursery Class - 3 year olds


Students engage in new concepts through hands on activities.  Curriculum includes color, shapes, intro to letters and numbers, seasonal themes that are used to teach art, music, literacy, math, health, science and social studies.  Students participate in gross and fine motor actives daily.


Social skills are an important aspect of the development of three-year old children. We focus on such skills as sharing, communication, interaction with others and following directions.



  • Nursery Rhymes

  • Colors

  • Bears

  • Insects/Butterflies

  • All About Me

  • Seasonal Change

  • Shapes

  • Transportation

  • Farm Animals

  • Planting

  • Friends

  • Apples/Pumpkins

  • Community Helpers


Reading Readiness Skills:

  • Visual discrimination

  • Auditory discrimination

  • Making comparisons

  • Categories

  • Same/different

  • Reproducing a pattern

  • Listening for details

  • Fine motor development

  • Eye hand coordination

  • Vocabulary development

  • Listening for following directions

  • Listening for information

  • Relating a story


Math Readiness Skills:

  • Counting

  • Shapes Sizes Sorting

  • Spatial Relationships

  • Ordering

  • Adding one

  • Taking away one


Science Experiences:

  • Planting

  • Weather

  • Observing Nature


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